New Project Dropping

So I have a new project dropping soon; just waiting for iTunes to approve it and then we’re ready to go.

I haven’t been a complete slug the last few months, but it’s definitely been a tense negotiation between depression and the creative impulse.

And a negotiation between the part of me that knows I should try to settle down here in western Massachusetts, you know, make friends with the New Englanders who are famous for their hospitality, and the stronger, more primal part of me that is lonely as shit and wants to get the hell back to California to find my people again.

I’m trying to channel that lonesomeness into work, into the new project, hoping maybe a few folks here and there will connect with it, despite the dark subject matter. I’ll post here as soon as it’s approved and ready for consumption.

2 thoughts on “New Project Dropping”

  1. Major podcast listener here! It’s what keeps me motivated to get in my 10,000 steps every day. I look forward to hearing your voice – literally and figuratively – again.

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