Vote for Joe

photo by Michael McAllisterThe Manly Fireplug, aka Joe Gallagher, is a finalist for’s Best American Barbershop, so of course I am asking for your vote. He started out renting a chair at my old barber’s place back in 2002. When Pasha died of a heart attack, Joe saved up his money and eventually opened his first tiny four-chair shop in 2004. Two years ago he moved to his current location on Market Street, near Church Street, with eleven chairs. He really is the hardest working man I know, and he’s built more than a barbershop; he’s built a neighborhood institution.

The award is just plain bragging rights, and I love to see the Fireplug brag, so if you want to make two guys extremely happy, just click over and vote for the guy.

Posted February 11th, 2011 in barbershop, fireplug.


  1. Adam:

    Vote Done… have become a huge fan of your blog. Coming home to San Fran in June ( stuck but happy in the south right now) but am totally making an appointment with the fireplug when I get to town

  2. Steven Patterson:

    Done and done.

  3. dogpoet:

    <-- Extremely happy.

  4. Sean:

    Gladly voted. I got my first haircut at Joe’s shop a year ago – before I moved to SF. I’d disappear for a while, return to jobhunt or househunt, and come in for a trim – and Joe remembers me every time. Now that I live here, I’m there every 2 weeks for a trim. Gladly freeped the poll for you & Joe.

  5. Josh:


  6. Jess:

    Done. And it looks like he has a healthy lead. Yay!