Vote for Joe

photo by Michael McAllisterThe Manly Fireplug, aka Joe Gallagher, is a finalist for’s Best American Barbershop, so of course I am asking for your vote. He started out renting a chair at my old barber’s place back in 2002. When Pasha died of a heart attack, Joe saved up his money and eventually opened his first tiny four-chair shop in 2004. Two years ago he moved to his current location on Market Street, near Church Street, with eleven chairs. He really is the hardest working man I know, and he’s built more than a barbershop; he’s built a neighborhood institution.

The award is just plain bragging rights, and I love to see the Fireplug brag, so if you want to make two guys extremely happy, just click over and vote for the guy.

6 thoughts on “Vote for Joe

  1. Vote Done… have become a huge fan of your blog. Coming home to San Fran in June ( stuck but happy in the south right now) but am totally making an appointment with the fireplug when I get to town

  2. Gladly voted. I got my first haircut at Joe’s shop a year ago – before I moved to SF. I’d disappear for a while, return to jobhunt or househunt, and come in for a trim – and Joe remembers me every time. Now that I live here, I’m there every 2 weeks for a trim. Gladly freeped the poll for you & Joe.

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