Chapter Six Posted

MonkeyI’ll post something of the nonfictional persuasion in the next day or two, for those of you who are all like, “Dude, I don’t care about your fucked-up space creature novel, even if it’s free, creepy, and spectacularly paced. What’s up with YOU, as in the real, virtual, internet-trolling blogger Dogpoet that I’ve come to ‘know’?!?”

Latest chapter from SUICIDE SKIN – my alien-invasion-dysfunctional-family-novel posted for your entertainment. Max infiltrates the Hill, meets a tattooed Marine, and scraps with another alien…

The bell dings and the doors take their sweet time opening. She steps out on the 15th floor but stops short. At a narrow reading table sits a thick-muscled man in a Peppy Step uniform – a janitor hunched in the harsh light, his back to her, shaved head and tattooed neck like a couple of big rocks sitting on his shoulders, which are working slightly. What’s he doing? She can’t see. She can feel him listening to her breathe, the rows of shelves stretching past him in the dark…

Want to start from the beginning? Just hit the ARCHIVES page for easy links.

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  1. I knew the week with two chapters was too good to be true (and I’m sure you’re thinking up more plot convolutions), but I’ve read them all and am looking forward to more….

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