Best of Dogpoet

True Stories by Michael McAllister

A Story About a Very Bad Thing (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3)

  • When telling the wrong story nearly got me killed.

Ashes, Ashes, We All Fall Down

  • When my husband’s barbershop caught fire.

The Girl With the Falling Beehive

  • A short appreciation of Amy Winehouse, less lucky than others.

Do You, Dogpoet, Take This Fireplug?

  • The day I got hitched.

Bar Tales: Miss Michael in the Mirror

  • She left a thin trail of vodka behind her…

Drag Queens and a Few Bricks

  • When gays chased a group of youth ministers out of the Castro after the passage of Prop 8, some people asked, “Why?”  My emotion-fueled attempt at an answer.

Apocalypse Now, or Whenever You Might Have a Spare Moment

  • My new squeeze gets me to speak up.

The Danger of a Twelve-Year-Old Girl

  • A new relationship turns me into a totally different person. Inner mayhem ensues. 

Oh, the Places You’ll Go

  • Driving awfully far in the pursuit of sex.

I Just Met a Girl Named Maria

  • Butting heads with a patronizing…woman in grad school.

The Terrible Smile of Lynndie England

  • Trying to make sense of a torturer’s grin.


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