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“Attention 24 Hour Fitness staff: Robert, will you please come to the front desk, you have a visitor.”

(three minutes pass)

“Attention 24 Hour Fitness staff: Robert, please come to the front desk. You have a visitor.”

(one minute passes)

“Attention 24 Hour Fitness staff: ROBERT! Come to the FRONT DESK! There are OFFICERS here who would like to SPEAK with you!”


Okay, it’s not really about the swimsuit weather. Well, it is. But not really. I realized I am about to go to the desert with a bunch of extroverts. That would be DogPoet’s kryptonite. I am flying down with the group that I refer to as “That Fabulous Crew”. Good guys. Fun guys. Exhausting guys.

“I’m telling you now,” I said to Handsome, “I will be sneaking away often for down-time.”

“No worries,” he said.

Last night Bearbait told me “Handsome and the Tattooed Monk are fighting over you to be your best friend.”

I laughed. Then I realized he was being serious. Then I laughed again. “That’s just funny,” I said. I had just finished telling Bearbait that I was getting annoyed with them: The Monk complains I don’t include him in my plans with others, then when I do he bails early, acting as though he has better places to be. Then Handsome. Ah, Handsome. Everytime I point out a guy I think is a hottie, Handsome spends the next hour staring them down, trying to get their attention. And because he’s, well, handsome, they usually look back. I’m keeping my hotties to myself from now on. He’s got more than he can handle.

If only everyone had such problems.


I can’t make links at work; they get all screwy. So look over there to the right and click on “Walt”. He’s the Love Bomb target for this week and he’s going away to volunteer at a camp tomorrow, so bomb him NOW. Bomb him OFTEN. Give him something to come home to.

Then scroll down and click on “Mr. Trinity”. Check out her post titled “the tail end of that adventure.” Absolutely fucking beautiful. Girl, you wreck me.


I’m leaving today for the desert, and I’m not sure if I’ll be around any computers. Which is kind of a pity. Sometime tonight or tomorrow (with your help), the Campfire will log 10,000 visits. I’m stupefied. Y’all bring me hope. Y’all become God.

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