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Blogjam D.C.

Thanks to everyone who made it to the reading on Wednesday, which fell on the same night as Game 7 of the Yankees/Red Sox series (I was all like “…baseball?”). Had a great time, once I finished reading. Before that I thought I was going to puke my guts out. Now I hear I get to follow Andrew Sullivan at this exciting show:

If you’re in the area, c’mon down.

I get to crash with Jimbo, who says he’s not going to molest his houseguest. But I thought that was part of the deal.

Hopefully once this week is over I’ll have a little more time to post. This is truly a strange, exciting, challenging, frustrating, amazing time in my life. My nerves constantly feel exposed. I’ve met some great people in my program, but I’ve met a couple of people with rather challenging agendas and personalities. I’m used to charming my way through life, so it throws me when I realize that someone actually does not like me. I know this all sounds rather vague. I’ll try to be a little more specific later.

After my first workshop I realized I need to just sit down and start writing this memoir of my family, and to stop circling the subject like I’ve done for the past three years here. On one hand it feels good to have this goal. On the other I’m only just beginning to realize the scope and the work it will take, to do it justice. It also means spending most of my vacations with family and a tape recorder. Should prove interesting. Okay, enough of this newsletter.

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