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Buddha Be Damned

Bearbait recently described to me the AutoCad software he’s been tinkering with at work: one can create three-dimensional digital representations of a building and then take a simulated helicopter tour around it, to better visualize the layout. The software adds digital people who walk around and within the building, further clarifying the dimensions. His tour was cut short, however, when he crashed his helicopter into the house. I asked if any of the people were hurt. A moment of unbridled tearful laughter on Market Street, groomed gay boys giving us a wide berth.

What’s the absolute best part of my Week of Peace, dog and house-sitting for the Studly Couple? Is it cute little Seamus sleeping in my lap at work? Is it meditating in the morning after drinking coffee in their peacefully quiet and sunny living room? Is it having Movie Night watching Amadeus on DVD with Bearbait and Handsome? Hell, no. It’s driving in their car, the windows down, blasting Basement Jaxx, a new pair of boots in their box on the passenger seat. I feel so much better.

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