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Concerning the Workout Partner

Nick: I would be SO happy if you guys ended up falling deeply and irrevocably in love (and had a sex life that made headlines…)

Me: That would make you happy?

Nick: Absolutely. Honestly. I shit you not. I love to see true love. It’s so infectious in its euphoria.

Me: We used the “L” word the other day.

Nick: Lesbian? Lipstick?

Me: Llama.

Nick: Ah.

Me: Though we’ve known each other for about four years now, so it’s a complicated llama.

Nick: That’s the beauty of it: its complexity, depth, and history. Not to mention your significant common ground.

Me: What? You mean sobriety?

Nick: That, plus everything else that emanates from it.

Me: Like the fact that I don’t need poppers when he’s fucking me.

Nick: Um. Yeah.

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