Someone reached my site by typing the keywords above on Yahoo.

Hmmm. And what would have made them cry, I wonder? Rumors of a Buffy cancellation? I just can’t imagine.

The Tattooed Monk is seriously considering returning to being a monk. And I do mean a real monk. He was in a Benedictine community before, and told me he’s pretty sure he’s going to find another one, or maybe even start his own. He’s done a good job of sublimating his sexual desires, he said, so isn’t too concerned about that aspect. Ah, I’d miss him. He’s certainly been the most helpful to me in dealing with my mother’s illness, considering he’s got so much experience around dying. Maybe he could start a monastary in the Castro.

We went and saw Gosford Park with this young co-worker of his yesterday. The boy (he was like, 25 or something) was very quiet and seemed less than thrilled that I was there. I got the impression he wanted the Monk all to himself, so he ignored me in that 20-something way. (I get to say this because I am 30 now, and so much wiser). It was nice to see Helen Mirren in the movie, though. Her work in Prime Suspect is so amazing, I miss that series.

Bearbait loved the movie if only because he noticed that every object in every shot was relevant to the period. He’s like that, that’s his industry. I imagine all these art directors in Hollywood saying to themselves, “I got to get the right silverware, or else some fag is going to notice.”

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