Old for This

At the end of my first week of classes, I am calculating the theorem that will enable me to complete the following weekly tasks:

– Roughly 400 pages of reading
– Respond with intelligence, in writing and in person, to the writing turned in by three fellow students
– The four to six hours required of one of the literary magazine’s Assistant Nonfiction Editor positions, for which I am applying
– Attend at least two regular AA meetings for sanity and diversion
– Go to the gym 3-4 times
– Go to, on average, about 2 readings on campus and in the greater NYC area
– Sleep eight hours a night
– Eat at least three times a day
– Maintain this website
– Answer emails
– Have friends
– See a bit of New York
– Do freelance editing and other jobs for cash
– And get my own writing done, which honestly should be at the top of the list

Since math was not my greatest subject, this calculation may take awhile. There is a reason most people pursue education when they are young.

Considering the matter of perspective, however, I want to send out a special message of love and healthy sarcasm to Paul, my first boyfriend and my always friend, who is carrying a larger burden than would seem fair.

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