What if I lose it?

You’ve got it, you can’t lose it now. Just don’t let it get covered up.


– I want to go back. I wish it were every weekend.

– But that’s what made it so amazing, that it could only last those few days. We may never have approached each other if it were every weekend.

– You’re probably right. Call me tomorrow, okay? I’m sorry I have to watch my long-distance bills. Student budget.

– I so understand. No worries. They pay me the big bucks at the animal shelter.


People keep smiling at me when I pass them on the street. I keep thinking I have something stuck in my teeth.


I left a boy out of the weekend story. Or man, rather. Met him literally ten minutes before I left for home. An L.A. television producer. I liked him in spite of that. He was the first to write or call, actually. Such an embarrassment of riches. Am I a slut if I only slept with two of the four? Or just, um, generous?


Hey, it’s Friday. Have you Love Bombed Jockohomo yet? Get busy, soldier.


Thank you, guys. You help so much.

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