My mind is spinning. When I called home about an hour ago, Lee told me that Mom was progressing, and that it was time to plan my trip home. She didn’t offer more advice than that, just telling me that anything I decided would be okay. Mom has become more unresponsive, and the morphine is now regular. The service would be held a week from Saturday, and I am waiting for my boss to come in so I can talk to her about leaving, and about how to cover this workshop that is starting on Monday. Making a list of things to do before I go, including checking my account balance to see if I can afford the airline’s “emergency fares”, which aren’t a discount at all, really.


I found a round-trip ticket online for $285 leaving tomorrow, if you can believe that. So I’m taking it. Work will cover me. The ex will watch Louie. Tonight I’ll cancel any appointments and pack. Here we go.

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