I work with words for a living, and in my spare hours, I throw a few together and put them here—my failures and fears, my flattering selfies, my lunacies—so that other lunatics know that they’re not alone.

That’s my hope, at least.

I got my MFA in writing from Columbia University and I’m working on a couple of books, been published a few places, and live in the middle of nowhere, Massachusetts, where I think about where I want to live next.

I have a long-haired chihuahua named Agnes, rescued from the mean streets of Bakersfield, who mostly enjoys my company.

You can find some of my work at Medium under the name Michael McAllister, the same name scrawled on a birth certificate at a hospital in Stillwater, Oklahoma in 1971. On a distant branch of my family tree are the names Jimmy and Beulah Lee Turnipseed.

I come from Turnipseeds.

You can hit me up at dogpoetATmacDOTcom.