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Oh my god, my last post was like two sentences about the Oscars: my blog is so BORING! Sorry kids, but I’m seriously burnt out on reading and writing, (I think I’m on book 25 or something) and have no energy left to string words together. I miss my LIFE. Just a couple of more months, then I’m back to SF, where I’m going to do nothing but walk Louie, watch reruns of Project Runway, play Halo, and have sex with men who will sleep with grown men who play Halo.

And yes, I totally owe about a hundred people emails. It’s that writing thing again. And I’ve somehow ended up on a spam list that floods my inbox every day with literary creations like the following, which I’m reprinting verbatim:

How are you Moze,

Just heard, ur GF’s still not satisfied about u in the bedroom. It’s sad
about that, but lucky for us, situations like this are why there’s,
www.xxx.com. Kevin and me both using them and have nothing but
praises for them.

evening to jungle ? up near water ? and ? an ash pile made by many fires ?.
ike a transfusion of drops of blood? (Winston Churchill – Schama – the
Churchilliad). These characteristi.
French, several native groups mixing with those of foreign origins. The
population .


Sometimes I wonder why I bother with this whole writing thing, when faced with such competition. Somehow I just know they’re making more money than me.

Leave it to Hollywood to screw it up again, and award a film that no one will remember in ten years.

Ahem. Don’t mind me. Twenty books down, twenty to go.