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Woke late from a dream this morning that Ski had come home and we hugged, and it lingered, and eventually our clothes just…disappeared and he was showing me two tiny new tattoos he had done, one being a ridiculous little flower on his neck, like something a ten-year old girl would draw, and it made me laugh and I told him it was beautiful and I did all this while never letting go, even when other people came in upon us, I kept my arms wrapped tight around him until I woke up.

I’d like to think that I am pretty content figuring out how to be single again, but then at times I get like Hedwig, reflected in the magnified side of a vanity mirror, whispering it’s clear I must find my other half…

But let’s take it down a little ladies and gentlemen, dim the lights, sit on the edge of the stage and keep it real for the moment. This ain’t love, folks, it’s limerence.

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