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Recent Highlights:

-Sixth row seats with Norman at Rufus Wainwright, where he pulled “Go or Go Ahead” out of retirement. “Whew,” he said afterwards. “That’s the demented little sister of my album. She needs to go off to rehab.” Naturally that’s been on repeat on the iPod ever since (along with Radiohead’s “Kid A”)

– Getting to see Joan Didion twice in one month (once at the 92nd St Y with Derrick and The Accidental New Yorker) and once again at the Miller Theater on campus on November 15th. Go buy her newest book.

-Peter Sarsgaard with a beard in The Dying Gaul. I kept leaning over to Kelly and whispering “Oh my god, he is so CUTE!” Which you’re not supposed to do during art films, I know. But really. You would probably approve. Loved the first two thirds. Go see it and let me know what you think.

– Wrote 80 pages of my book. Only getting started.

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