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The other day, while waiting at Burgermeister for my to-go order, I picked up the local gay rag, paging through it distractedly. And there among the ubiquitous phone sex ads was something a little different:


We represent a handsome GWM HIV-, age 51, 6’0″ with brown hair and eyes with a muscular build. As a physician in San Francisco, he loves travel, good food, volunteering, independent films and dogs. He’s looking for a man in his 30’s to 40’s, slim, energetic, and adventurous. Are you warm, caring and spiritually aware? If you enjoy watching pro football that’s a plus! Respond to Ad Code 2663. (Never a charge to respond – FREE).

Find him at:

Free memberships to exceptional men ages 21-35.

Yeah, right. Like he actually volunteers.

We are now officially as lame as straight people. Yay, team.

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