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On my flight to New York I accidentally killed Hank Gay in a tragic kitchen fire that consumed his digital body, reducing by one the population of my Sims neighborhood and leaving his partner, Bob Gay, a young widower. Hank was a rising young executive full of promise and vigor, and his death caused Bob to break down and weep over Hank’s ashes on the kitchen floor. But his tears fell briefly, for while Bob loved Hank with a singular devotion, Hank had refused to sleep in the same bed with Bob. And though I bought two beds and placed them side by side, to accomodate Hank’s need for space while simultaneously encouraging them towards intimacy, Hank continued to complain about Bob’s snoring. Perhaps that was the reason that Hank began flirting with the voluptuous Coco Chanel, a single neighbor who exclusively wears red evening gowns, even to casual backyard barbeques. So perhaps it was for the best, for while Bob certainly grieves for his dead lover, the budding affair between Hank and Coco would have broken his heart. And to be honest, Bob Gay, who wears leather chaps to his job as a pro soccer player, is my favorite, for he prefers a good book over backyard gossip, and swimming laps over poolside cocktails.

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