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Running half-empty on four hours of sleep, mind saturated with the language and the images of the three books I’ve consumed in the last two days, guess that’s one way of getting by. Or shutting out the world and my impatience. Because I’m too tired to write I will let James Joyce sum it up:

“- In pursuing these speculations, said the dean conclusively, there is however the danger of perishing of inanition. First you must take your degree. Set that before you as your first aim. Then, little by little, you will see your way. I mean in every sense, your way in life and in thinking. It may be uphill pedaling at first. Take Mr. Moonan. He was a long time before he got to the top. But he got there.
– I may not have his talent, said Stephen quietly.
– You never know, said the dean brightly. We never can say what is in us…”

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