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A Very Likable Dog

Hi. My name is Michael and I’m an Aries and I like driving at night with the windows down. And fried chicken.

My middle name is Lowell, my grandfather’s name. I used to hate it when I was a kid. I wanted a normal name like Tom or Scott. But now I like it.

I have a dog named Louie and I work in an animal shelter. I like dogs but I often don’t like dog people. Louie likes my job more than I do. I think people like my dog more than they like me, too. But I’m okay with that.

I think a lot about flow and what fits and if something doesn’t fit it drives me crazy and I annoy all my friends and loved ones talking about it till it fits or goes away.

Sometimes at night the sky over San Francisco is so bright that it keeps me awake. But I won’t shut the blinds.

I always get the worst songs stuck in my head. This morning in the shower I was singing “I’m not a girl, not yet a woman.”

In spite of this I’ve had friends threaten to take away my gay membership card because I wear flannel shirts and own a few Bruce Springsteen CD’s. What do they know about being a gay?

I resent my writing instructor because she fawns over all the women, especially the blind one.

But maybe that’s good for me.

If I love you I will soak up all your favorites; books, music, movies, artists, philosophers.

If I love you I will rearrange my days.

If I love you I will save all your letters and scraps of paper.

If I love you I will put your pictures on my desktop.

If I love you I will try and write it down.

My name is Michael and I like roller coasters, scary movies, and pudding.

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