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Air, Conditioned

I was unlocking the front door to my apartment building when I noticed a sign stuck to the door with electrical tape: “Air Conditioner for Sale: I am leaving New York today. $100”. When I got up to my apartment I dumped my bag from University Housewares (dish drainer, silverware bin, citrus cleaner; “I Love NY” was printed on the bag) on my bare floor, and called the number.

“Yeah, I’m right outside, I just put it in my truck”.

Went outside. Cute bald-headed, brown-skinned straight boy, just graduated from the Social Work program and about to move to Ethiopia to work for Unicef. He held the door for me as I carried the AC back to my apartment and plugged it in. I talked him down a bit to the cash I had in my wallet, and we shook hands and wished each other well. I think the humidity and the perspiration on his upper lip made him cuter.

So I don’t know what everyone’s talking about. Delivering stuff in New York is a breeze.

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