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Dangerous Curve Ahead

I tend to have one or two close friendships, rather than a wide circle. More than one or two and I begin to feel a little too spread thin. But for those one or two friendships I’ll devote myself wholeheartedly. This tendency of mine to put all my eggs in one basket has its serious disadvantages; during times of conflict, for example, which are bound to happen when one focuses so intently on another. Or worse, when one of us moves away. My best buddy Brian moved down to L.A. yesterday, and I’m more than a little bummed. I won’t have our Monday and Friday and Saturday and the occasional Sunday nights to look forward to anymore. I’m a creature of habit, more than I care to admit, and those conversations over a cheap dinner in the Castro sustained me over the last year and a half. I know I’m moving to New York in a couple of months, and I know we’ll stay friends, but I’ve got that stupid Bananarama song “Cruel Summer” in my head. The flipside to the disadvantages, of course, is that such a good friendship pays off enormous dividends. Brian is like a brother to me, such that for once the words fail me.

Most of the time I’m damn excited about the life headed my way. But every day I get a glimpse of it, the enormity of the change, and I think oh my God…

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