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Dear Mister Latino Daddy

Finally! How long have I been working out there? It’s about time you fastened your gaze on me. Your sweet smile when asking how many sets left is today’s happy pill, and I do appreciate the boost. Perhaps one day I will be able to do 160 on the seated row instead of 120 but at least it’s more than 100 which is what I was doing. Perhaps you can spot me next time on the incline, I wouldn’t mind looking upside down at you and your chest and the slick gold chain around your neck. No, I wouldn’t wear one but you can certainly pull it off. If that was your boyfriend with you last month buying groceries then we’ll have to talk, perhaps over a Peenya Colada Jamba Juice with two protein boosts that we’ll sip overlooking the Safeway parking lot and the swooping flocks of pigeons. Perhaps Ray the Jamba barista will upgrade you to Power size for free, like he does for me. If you haven’t noticed, the Human Bullet’s super mutant powers are growing stronger, and people can’t help but give me things for free.

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