– So how are you?
– Not so good.
– What’s going on?
– Uh, well, I think I may have to quit my job.
– Why?  Talk to me.
– Michael, I relapsed.
– …Oh buddy, I’m sorry.
– I didn’t think it could happen and it happened.


– Hey, I have this car now.  Do you want some company?  I can take us for a drive.
– I have to be at work at 9.
– I can bring you there.
– (pause) Okay, yeah, I could do that.
– Okay, fifteen minutes.


– You know, I’ve been meaning to talk to you anyway, and to apologize for something.  I know I’ve been kind of distant the past couple of months and I’m sorry.
– It’s okay, I know people have their lives and get busy.
– Well, yeah, but not just that.  I’ve uh…I’ve been struggling with my feelings for you and it’s been hard.  I wanted to be there as your friend and not just another guy lusting after you but it’s been hard.
– (laughs softly, turns and hugs me) Just be my friend.

And that was that.

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