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It was time for a change. I wanted greater creative autonomy and a more convenient program for maintaining my site, and chose to sacrifice looking good under someone else’s design. It may not look as pretty, but it’s a little more mine. I took a WordPress template, made a bunch of modifications, and after much tedious labor (Dogpoet, completely flummoxed by Photoshop for Dummies, throws the book across the room), designed a couple of defiantly amateurish images, too. Hope you’ll update your links and bookmarks, as I need constant validation in order to get out of bed in the morning.

The transition wasn’t exactly smooth. I bet the “Import-all-five-years-of-your-archives-from-Blogger” button is amazing, when it works.

Then again, my understanding of HTML and CSS and PHP is sort of like a roll of duct tape holding a house together. Feel free to let me know what’s not working (the sidebar wasn’t appearing last night on my Manly Fireplug’s PC) as I tinker around. I’ll do my best to care. Update: the sidebar still isn’t appearing correctly on PC’s; can someone tell me what to do?

Oh, and my dog is recovering very nicely. Thanks for the well-wishes.

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