Show, Don’t Tell

Just back from the first meeting of my memoir-writing class (through Berkeley extension). Baby steps. So there’s 18 students and as part of the introductions I mentioned the Campfire as background. The instructor seized on the fact that I have ten months of rough draft material here and asked me to be one of the first two students to have their work critiqued next week.

It’s strange, you know, this whole blog-thing. I can put something up here for any and every stranger’s eyes, but to share it face-to-face? I’m pretty sure I’ll use the Palm Springs story since it fits the 10-15 page requirement, but I’m a little freaked; you know; fear, sobriety, gay sex; it’s got it all. Am I really ready to share that? Guess I’ll have to be. If you’re one of my fellow students who asked for the link, well, welcome to my humble abode. If you like, hate my writing, click on one of my companion’s links to the right…there’s something for everyone.

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