Since U Been Gone

Since we last spoke, I:

– Wrote a little more of my book, but not enough to please my conscience.

– Met some of the Manly Fireplug’s family on the Jersey Shore, watched his mother play the penny slot machines in Atlantic City, took a quick tour of Philly, and lost my wallet in a cab on my way out of New York City. On my way to the airport. As in, no ID for security. No claim ticket for my car in the Oakland airport’s long-term parking lot. No credit cards or cash. But I managed to make it home and thanks to an intrepid girl on the Upper West Side who climbed into the cab after me, I even got my wallet back.

– Considered the trip a total success when the Fireplug’s mother said to him, in reference to me, “What’s not to like?”

– Got Louie’s ashes delivered to me in a box.

– Bought my first-ever suit, so that I can look good for my little brother’s wedding next month. How I got to the age of 36 without ever owning a suit is beyond me, and probably not worth your time.

– Threw out all of my long-held beliefs about only adopting mutts from shelters, and started looking into getting a purebred puppy. A small one so that I can take him with me to more places. I am turning into the bourgeoisie gay man I used to ridicule. But fuck it, having dogsat in the past for a Norwich terrier, I want one of my own. Here is a pic of some random person’s Norwich puppy. Perhaps you can see the appeal.

– Started looking into the possibility of getting an outside office, as the whole working-from-home thing is proving to be more of a challenge than I imagined. Found an ideal place that I can afford, that is currently under construction.

– Realized that, while waiting for both a puppy and an office, I’ve made absolutely no progress on becoming a more patient human being.

– Traveled with the Fireplug to a gay resort near Saugatuck, Michigan, for “INFERNO,” a SM retreat hosted by the Chicago Hellfire Club. Came back with a couple bruises and the sounds of whips and flogs and paddles hitting bare flesh still echoing in my ears. Not to mention a few sights burned into my retinas for all time.

-Bought my first piece of luggage-with-wheels. Between that and the suit, I am becoming a grown-up.

– Developed a taste, during our plane trips, for the New York Times crossword puzzle. Can barely make it though Monday without help.

– Made it an entire year with the Fireplug. Today’s our first anniversary. I love the guy.

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