That’s MISS ROSS to You

I seriously think there’s something wrong with me. All day this scene from Ordinary People keeps playing in my head; when Timothy Hutton meets his friend Karen at a restaurant for coffee. They had been buddies while hospitalized for suicide attempts. Karen says, “Conrad, let’s have a great Christmas, okay? Let’s have a great year. Let’s have the best year of our whole lives, okay? We can, you know. This can be the best year ever.” And well, you know what happens. Karen kills herself within a week.

Welcome, again, to the abandoned carnival that is my head. I blame the TNT network for playing reruns while I was laid up in bed last week.

I have every intention of staying alive this year. Moreover, Jennie (who says it better than me) has me convinced that this is the year we will rock the shit OUT. No kidding, Diana Ross is singing “It’s My Turn” while landing in a helicopter outside my apartment at midnight tonight.

To the girl who found my site, the girl scared that she can’t escape the crystal: May this year be full of mystery and friends who’d fight to the end for us. May there be many mornings where we wake with excitement. May there be good food and laughter. May we contribute to life every single day. May there be companionship and may there be warmth in our solitude. May there be naked people of our preferred sexual orientation throwing pebbles at our windows late at night. I’m gonna rock the shit out, won’t you join me?

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