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The Blur of a Wagging Tail

KissAttackedSurely one of the better gifts life has to offer is returning home to a dog or two at the end of a hard day. Witness the Manly Fireplug getting kiss-attacked by a Norwich Terrier and a Pit Bull. The camera can’t even capture how quickly Buddy’s tail is wagging.

As hard days go, the last week has thrown a few my way. I can’t write openly about some recent developments, but I can tell you that my wrist hasn’t healed right, so I’m going under the knife tomorrow and will begin the 3-6 month recovery over again.

My return to softball this year is looking pretty doubtful at this point, and I’m typing this with only one hand, but as I look at this photo I’m struck by how my love for its three subjects just keeps getting bigger and bigger, so it’s hard not to count my blessings as no less than three. The Fireplug has been taking good care of me, and will take the day off tomorrow from the barbershop to get me home, woozy-headed and one-handed, to the dogs again.

Having someone, or a few someones, to count on when the crap hits the fan belt is another gift not to be taken lightly. Not sure if the next few days will be quiet, blog-wise, or busy with narcotic-induced observations. But either way I’ll be (ha ha) in good hands.

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