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This Is Actually Happening

This Is Actually Happening is an intense podcast that shares stories by people of their darkest times, whether that be surviving trauma, terrorism, or growing up in a cult. They interviewed me last fall about a batshit series of events I went through in recent years, and the episode airs today. If you’ve been hanging around this blog for awhile, some of the story will be familiar to you.

If you find value in sharing stories of hard times in the hopes that it might help others enduring their own hard times, it’s a good podcast. It’s available wherever you get your podcasts. I still have to get up the nerve to listen to my own :). Listen to the podcast.

If you came here from the podcast, welcome, I appreciate your interest and curiosity.

6 Replies to “This Is Actually Happening”

  1. Hi from Greenfield, MA! I just listed to your episode on This Is Actually Happening. It was really moving. You’ve really come a long way. Just wanted to send you some love.

  2. Enjoyed and intrigued by your episode enough to check out your blog! Wishing you the best on your recovery. You’ve been through a lot and you’re incredibly brave. xx

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