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We’ve got a winner

I substituted for Ski, running an AA meeting at a church referred to in sobriety circles as “Our Lady of Safeway”, given it’s proximity to the grocery store. It’s the only thing he’s asked of me since he’s been gone, so I gladly stepped in. Though he called this morning from Jersey, he seems to enjoy talking on the phone even less than me, so he almost always cuts our conversations short; not the most promising sign of his inevitable declaration of love to me. Ahem.

Later I wander back into the ‘stro for the second time today and head over to another sober event; a fundraiser for the annual AA convention here in SF this summer. Drag Bingo, co-hosted by Marlene Manners, one of the Galaxy Girls. And you don’t think sober people have fun! She fared well with us, not the easiest crowd. Towards the end, massive battles involving air-borne bingo cards and pull tabs raged on and on, much to the ladies’ chagrin. I found myself smiling and upbeat, the first in a long time, though I have to admit it probably had more to do with the fact that I was engaging in some flirting with this cute bodybuilder boy at the next table. I’ve run into him once online, when he told me he doesn’t date guys from AA, though the way he was looking at me tonight, I might get a chance to break some rules with him sometime. Been a long time.

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